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FAQ Window Film

Window Film

How do I apply d-c-fix® static cling to the window?

  1. Cut the film  to the desired dimensions. 
  2. The glass surface should be free from grease and dust. Spray it sufficiently with a mixture of cold water and a few drops of dish soap.
  3. Remove the film entirely from the backing paper. Start at one edge and place the film on the glass surface. Then let the rest of the film slowly slide on the glass. If necessary move the film carefully on the glass to its final position.
  4. Use a squeegee to squeeze out the water between the film and the glass. Always work from the middle to the edges.
  5. Remove remaining water on the film with a towel.

Please note that:

  • When applied to a glass surface the space between the film and the window frame or rubber seal must be a minimum of 2mm at each side.
  • Static films can only be applied to flat and smooth glass surfaces (including acrylic glass). For satined and structured glass surfaces self-adhesive films are recommended.
  • If a static film is to be used after a while when it has not been applied on glass, it should be cleaned first. Therefore, carefully remove dirt and dust from the adherent side of the film with clear water.
  • Static window films resist temperatures between -10 to +50°C.
  • The static cling can easily be removed and reused. 

In this video you can see how static cling window film is applied: