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Metro Ava Tiles - 4 Pack

Metro Ava Tiles - 4 Pack


Pink subway self-adhesive tiles with white grout. 

Product information:

  • sold as a package with 4 sheets
  • covers: 0.21m2
  • each sheet is W: 29.36cm x H: 21.29cm 
  • individual tile size W: 12cm x H: 5cm 
  • overlapping area approximately 5cm
  • just cut, peel and stick
  • easy to wipe clean
  • humidity and heat resistant 48 hours after application
  • anti-bacterial and anti-mould
  • will never yellow or crack
  • special glue technology which allows for the tiles to be re-positioned during application
  • lightweight

These premium self-adhesive wall tiles are designed to be used as a splash back. They are of high quality and ideal for renovating the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and even the camper van or the bach. You don't need to worry about special tools, grout and mess. This is a quick and cost effective way to DIY your own splash back or give your existing one a makeover. You can also use these tiles if you want to hack your children's play kitchen. 

For a successful installation you will need:

  • grease remover (e.g. sugar soap)
  • cutting mat
  • metal edge ruler
  • tape measure
  • craft knife
  • pen
  • level

You can find some of these tools here.

If you are installing the tiles behind a gas hob without a back control panel we strongly recommend to install our Smart Panel first. You may also want to complete your tiling project with a thin border. You can find our smart accessories here.

If you would like to know more about these tiles we recommend that you read our FAQs. You can find all our installation tutorials here.

Watch this short video for more details about the tiles and how to install them:

This is how you install the self-adhesive tiles. Make sure that you follow all instructions carefully:

  1. CLEANING: Wash the surface with a powerful grease-remover such as sugar soap. Make sure you allow enough time for the surface to dry properly.
  2. GUIDELINE: using a level or chalk line, trace a guideline to ensure perfect alignment using a tile sheet to mark the height of your guideline on the lowest side of the bench top.
  3. MEASURING & CUTTING: use a utility knife and a metal ruler to trim and shape your tiles around electrical outlets or other irregularities. Measure and mark your tiles and then lay it on a cutting mat to cut off the unwanted portion.
  4. REMOVE THE TABS OF THE FIRST TILE: For all jagged edge models, you must cut off the overlapping tabs of the first sheet to get a straight edge to begin the installation. This will allow you to start in a corner, against a cabinet or to get straight edge ending. 
  5. PEEL: Fold back half of the protective paper in the back without touching the adhesive portion with your fingers. We strongly recommend you wash your hands before you start the installation to ensure no dust particles or greasy residue are transferred to the adhesive.
  6. ALIGN & STICK: Now align the adhesive portion with your guideline and apply a light pressure. This will allow you to validate the positioning of your tiles. Once you are satisfied with it;s placement and alignment, you may remove the rest of the protective paper and apply a firm pressure across the entire surface.
  7. OVERLAPPING: Once you've successfully installed the first sheet of tiles, you may continue the process making sure you overlap all the grout lines as you go. This will result in a continous and even layout of the entire project.

Self-adhesive tiles can be installed on smooth and undamaged surfaces like:

  • painted gypsum (after a 21-day curing time for fresh paint)
  • smooth ceramic tile
  • wall panel (acrylic)
  • wall linoleum
  • mirror
  • wallpaper

It is not recommended to install self-adhesive tiles on the following surfaces:

  • porous wood
  • relief ceramic tiles
  • textured wallpaper
  • unpainted gypsum
  • inside shower
  • floors
  • bench tops
  • ceilings
  • brick
  • stone

Grout ColourWhite
Tile ColourWhite
Package size

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