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About Us

About Us

Vinyl Home is a New Zealand owned and operated online store that specialises in high quality DIY products for the home. We believe that everyone should be able to create their dream home no matter how high or low their renovation budget is. It shouldn’t matter if they rent or own their current home. With our products you can transform your living space by simply covering your existing units. No special tools, no tradies and no mess!

We offer a wide range of sticky back plastic that are popular for kitchen, bathroom and furniture makeovers. Our static cling window film is perfect for privacy, UV protection and window decor. We also stock self-adhesive 3D wall tiles that can be used on existing tiles and glass panels, ideal for the splash back in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, motorhome or bach. 

Vinyl Home is a fast growing company that serves the DIY market in New Zealand and Australia. We only work with the top DIY brands that can promise high quality and the latest designs. For us it's important that the products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and that they are certified with the highest grades. The products must be user-friendly and inspiring. We work with the products on a regular basis and only stock products that we want to use ourselves. We know our DIY and you are welcome to ask us for design and installation tips. 

Below you can read more about the products and brands that we stock.

Our Products

d-c-fix® Sticky Back Plastic

Vinyl Home is proud of bringing d-c-fix® sticky back plastic to New Zealand. The flexible, multi-purpose, stylish and affordable DIY decorating product has been a huge success overseas. We offer a wide range of d-c-fix® sticky back plastic for in home decoration.

The d-c-fix® sticky back plastic is a self-adhesive decorative film developed with style and ease of use in mind. Some countries refer to it as contact paper, decorative plastic, self-adhesive foil, pvc film, fablon, decorative vinyl, sticky back vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl and the list goes on.

d-c-fix® sticky back plastic uses a water based acrylic for its adhesion and is therefore solvent-free. It is manufactured in Germany and complies with the European REACH standard. It takes several hours for the adhesion to fully set, which allows for adjustments after application. The films are resistant to the most common cleaners and alcohol. They also perform well for shrinkage, heat (up to 75° celsius for a shorter period of time) and light resistance. 

d-c-fix® Window Film

The d-c-fix® premium static cling window film uses static cling, which means no adhesive is required. It is easy to apply, remove and re-use. The film is optimal for NZ conditions with its smart design and function. It blocks out UV radiation and protects against prying eyes. It gives privacy to overlooked windows but still lets all the light through. The window film is a great substitute to blinds and net curtains and other window treatment. We offer designs from plain frosted, floral and decorative patterns to embossed, tinted film and window stripes for security. 

The d-c-fix® brand has been around since 1958. They have a long success story and are the global leader on the market. d-c-fix® sticky back plastic and static cling window film are ideal for your home, your bach, your camper van, shop fitting and craft projects.

Smart Tiles® - Self-adhesive 3D gel tiles

Smart Tiles® are manufactured in Canada and the company are the developer of the original self-adhesive tile known as S'tics Deco. The premium self-adhesive tiles come with glue on the back and are designed to be used on splash backs in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and motor homes. They are a 3D design and the patented Gel-O technology means that they will never crack or yellow with time. They will stick to your walls for as long as you want them to. The peel and stick tiles are humidity and heat resistant as well as anti-bacterial and anti-mould. 

Smart Tiles® are certified NFPA (ASTM E84) and IBC Class B. Smart Tiles® have been tested for volatile organic compounds and aldehydes (VOCs) under ISO 16000 which classifies emission rate from A+ to C (A+ indicating a very low level of emissions and C a high level of emissions). Smart Tiles® have been certified as A+ meaning very low level of emissions.

Here at Vinyl Home we would love to inspire you to transform your living space in an affordable way that you may not even known is possible. Why not upcycle your long loved furniture instead of investing in new. We are here to tell you all the tricks you need to know. So lets start decorating your kitchen and bathroom cupboards, bench tops, splash backs, doors, walls, appliances, windows and furnitures like tables, drawers, shelves and anything else you can think of.

Vinyl Home is a 100% NZ Owned business.

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