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FAQ Self-adhesive Tiles

Self-Adhesive Tiles

On what surfaces can the tiles be applied to?
The tiles are suitable for kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and motorhome splashbacks. Recommended surfaces include:
  • smooth ceramic tiles
  • smooth glass tiles
  • wall panel (acrylic)
  • wall linoleum
  • mirror
  • wallpaper

Not recommended surfaces:
  • stucco wall
  • stone wall
  • unfinished wall (gypsum or plaster)
  • unpainted plywood

How do I install the tiles?

How do I prepare my walls / splash back for optimal adhesion?
It's crucial to make sure that the surface is correctly prepared for optimal adhesion and durability. The surface needs to be clean from dust and grease. Make sure that you use a powerful grease remover that is recommended for your surface. Let the surface dry completely before application. 

You may want to consider scrubbing painted surfaces with a high grit sandpaper. This will help removing the oily layer and the tiles will stick better to the surface. 

What size is each sheet?
Each sheet is approximately 25cm x 25cm x 0.2cm. There is a small variation between the different designs and some are only 23cm. Please refer to each model for their individual dimensions. There are no edge pieces. You will need to cut a the first and last sheet to make a straight edge. The overlapping are is reduced by 2cm-3.3cm depending on design. 

Can the tiles be removed?
Yes. Heat them with a hairdryer and pull carefully. 

Are the tiles bendable?
Yes they are slightly bendable and can be used for curved wall areas (e.g. in buses, caravans, camper vans)

Are the tiles water proof?
Yes the surface of the tiles are waterproof.

Can the tiles be used in the bathroom?
Yes they can be used for the splashback or walls in the bathroom and are humidity and water resistant.

Can the tiles be used in the shower?
It's not recommended to use them in the shower. The surface of the tiles are waterproof, but overlapping parts can be weakened in places where there is a lot of water.

Are the tiles heat resistant?
Yes the tiles are both humidity and heat resistant once applied. They are not easily damaged by hot oil. 

Are they suitable for behind the cooktop in the kitchen?
Yes the tiles are both humidity and heat resistant once applied. They are not easily damaged by hot oil. If installed behind a gas range without a protective rear panel, allow a length of 20cm above the surface to prevent the tiles from coming in contact with open flame.

What tools do I need to install the tiles?
You don't need any special tiling tools but the installation will be easier with the following:
  • grease-remover
  • pen for marking
  • ruler / plain and a level for cutting and marking a straight line
  • scissors or craft knife
  • cutting board (optional)
  • application kit (optional)

What material are the tiles made of?
Tic Tac Tiles are made of a thick moulded plastic (epoxy). They have a 3D gel effect and a self-adhesive back. 

Where are they manufactured?
Tic Tac Tiles are manufactured in Korea.

How do I treat a primed and painted wall?
If you have used a primer on your wall, make sure that you allow enough time for it to cure before applying the tiles. The curing time for a primer is normally around 72 hours. A primer will make untreated surfaces like plywood, plaster and gypsum more uniform. Most primers are fine but don't use Zinsser as some chemical components may effect the adherence of the tiles. 

If you decide to paint your wall you will need to prime it first. Wait at least 21 days until you apply the tiles to allow enough time for the paint to dry completely. Auroa  by Benjamin Moore is the only known paint to avoid that may harm the adherence of the tiles. 

What lifetime can I expect from the tiles?

Tic Tac Tiles are highly tested and can be permanent if installed correctly. For best results make sure that you follow the following guidelines:

  • Wait a period of three (3) weeks before affixing Tic Tac Tiles on a freshly painted wall to allow the paint to penetrate and dry thoroughly.
  • The surface must be smooth and undamaged.
  • The surface must be clean and dry.
  • You should clean the surface with a degreaser such as T.S.P. (trisodium phosphate).
  • During installation, the ambient temperature must be at least 18 °C and should not exceed 35 °C.
  • Tic Tac Tiles should not be exposed to direct steam, or be in direct contact with a heat source and should not be submerged in water (do not install in the shower).
  • To install behind a gas range without a protective rear panel, allow a height of 20 centimetres above the surface to prevent the tiles from coming in contact with open flame. If there is a wall to the right or left side of the range, Tic Tac Tiles must be installed at least six centimetres away.
  • Keep a distance of six centimetres between an oven toaster grill and the wall covered with Tic Tac Tiles.
  • If you decide to remove the Tic Tac Tiles once they have been firmly applied, they cannot be reused.
  • Tic Tac Tiles are not designed to cover a floor, countertop or work surface, or to serve as a trivet.
  • For maintenance, you should only use a mild non-abrasive product.

  • If you are unsure of what design to choose or if the tiles are suitable for your surface, we recommend that you order a sample first before purchasing a whole pack. 

    For more information and how to install the tiles please watch this short tutorial: